Support Types



CONNEX has worked predominantly in mining. However, CONNEX has branched out to mining-led infrastructure in West Africa. Each of these has a real impact in the following:

  • Mining and critical minerals – as the world moves from a hydrocarbon-based economy to a materials-based economy, CONNEX helps facilitate global access to these minerals – lithium, graphite, copper and rare earth metals – for the energy transition. CONNEX has advised on projects in the following minerals: Gold/copper, lithium, rare earth, graphite, antimony, molybdenum, mineral sands and iron ore.
  • Infrastructure – CONNEX is beginning to work in the area of infrastructure, e.g. providing expertise to the Government of Liberia on a development of shared infrastructure in the mining sector. In the future, we may be in a position to consider negotiation support in renewable energy.

Our network’s expertise ranges from legal support and financial modelling to technical/engineering, environmental and even community development aspects. Since its beginning, CONNEX has facilitated over 2,500 days of expertise to support partner countries in getting better deals.

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The G7 CONNEX Initiative supports governments of emerging economies in the negotiation of large-scale investment contracts with international investors, principally in the extractives sector.