The G7 CONNEX Initiative supports governments of emerging economies in the negotiation of large-scale investment contracts with international investors, principally in the extractives sector. Estab­lished at the 2014 G7 summit in Brussels, CONNEX became operational in 2017 with German government funding. 

Since then, CONNEX’s support has assisted partner countries with contract negotiations, strengthening domestic resource mobilization and promoting sustainable investments. Initially focused on the extractives sector, CONNEX has also provided support in negotiations linked to mining-related infrastructure and renewable energy projects. We have supported 20 countries in 30 projects to get a better deal.

The CONNEX Support Unit, a small Secretariat overseen by a Board and an Advisory Committee, carries out the day-to-day activities and works closely with our network of experts to match the needs of requesting countries.

The challenge

Emerging countries only very periodically negotiate these types of complex commercial contracts, so there is not enough built-in expertise and experience in the government.


The Challange