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Please find below several of our regular publications, highlighting the work that we do, as well as the importance of investment contracts for the future of countries. Please don’t hesitate to subscribe to our publications (ca. eight times per year).

General Info Brochure

The CONNEX initiative supports governments of emerging economies in the negotiation of large-scale investment contracts that future generations can be proud of. Initially focused on the extractive sector, CONNEX also provides
negotiation support to governments in infrastructure and renewable energy.

Connex Contract

Clause Insights

Is CONNEX’s occasional series dedicated exclusively to clauses in investment contracts. In the series, experts highlight the relevance of particular clauses (stabilization, community development agreements, sliding-scale royalties) and their impact on the next generation. After all, a contract is only the sum of its clauses.

Connex Contract

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct ensures CONNEX’s neutrality and expertise in support processes for partner countries. It equally sets out various regulations for both CONNEX and counselling experts. All members undertake to comply with the Code of Conduct before supporting a partner countries.

CONNEX Code of Conduct

Background and History

The CONNEX initiative was launched in 2014 in the context of the G7 Summit in Brussels. Since 2017, its Secretariat, together with the Board and its Advisory Committee, forms the CONNEX Support Unit. Since 2017, CONNEX has supported 18 partner governments in Africa, Central Asia and Latin America with tailored, short-term, multidisciplinary expertise.

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Obtaining Support

CONNEX’s support offer is easily accessible, fast, and multidisciplinary. To obtain support, ministries or authorities responsible for investment projects begin a dialogue with CONNEX regarding the scope and scale of the potential assistance. After this initial exchange, an official letter of request is sent to the CONNEX Secretariat, which triggers our due diligence process, and eventual Board decision.

CONNEX How to request support

Our Value

Examples of where CONNEX has made a real difference, providing multidisciplinary expertise that support governments in projects ranging from mine closure, to mining-led infrastructure and the renegotiation of contracts to allow governments to achieve better deals.

Our Value