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  1. CONNEX Support Unit
  2. Steps to CONNEX


Getting support from CONNEX is simple and straightforward: after clarification of eligibility and approval of an official government request, the content and scope of the advisory services are agreed between the CONNEX Support Unit and government representatives. CONNEX experts are then assigned to support the negotiation process.

Eligible for CONNEX

The CONNEX Support Unit’s advisory services are open to governments of developing countries and economies in transition which are seeking support in negotiating or renegotiating large-scale, complex investment contracts in the extractive sector.


Advisory services can be requested during all phases of the negotiation process, including pre- and post-negotiation.


The CONNEX Support Unit Secretariat assists interested parties to verify their eligibility.


Government ministries or authorities responsible for the negotiation of large-scale commercial contracts or investment agreements send an informal email to the CONNEX Support Unit. The Unit starts by explaining how CONNEX can generally assist and then discusses more specifically the scope and content of potential support.

Submission of formal request

The official process starts with the submission of a formal letter (via email) by the requesting government. It should include


» some background information on the project,
» the specific services needed,
» a timeline for the support.


All this will help find the best way to provide the required support as quickly as possible.


The letter should be addressed to:


CONNEX Support Unit
Potsdamer Platz 10
10785 Berlin, Germany

Approval of request

Each request is carefully assessed in various internal due diligence checks which address potential human rights, environmental, legal or reputational risks. The engagement of other international partners involved in the partner country is analyzed to identify potential synergies.


Once the check has been completed successfully, an official approval letter is sent to the requesting government. The exchange of request and approval letters serves as the official agreement.


The CONNEX Support Unit and the requesting government then discuss in greater detail what kind of expertise is needed and agree appropriate advisory services.


Support is lined up as soon as possible. In some cases, prior to the deployment of an expert, a scoping mission is arranged to clarify the specific kind of expertise needed.
Experts in the relevant field deliver remote and on-site support in a timely manner. Throughout the process, the CONNEX Support Unit ensures that the recommendations made and the support provided are tailored to the country’s specific needs. For that purpose, the CONNEX Support Unit closely monitors the delivery of advisory services, which are also evaluated after the support has ended.