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The CONNEX Support Unit assists governments of developing countries and economies in transition in negotiating and renegotiating large-scale, complex investment contracts in the extractive industry. These contracts may remain in place for several decades and have substantial impacts on the host countries’ sustainable development. They should therefore be in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A single investment contract with improved terms and conditions can generate additional revenue of more than USD 100 million.

How we work

The CONNEX Support Unit’s services are


Demand-driven and participatory

The CONNEX Support Unit responds to requests by governments and specifically tailors its services to their needs. The requesting government always participates in defining the scope, type and content of support.



The CONNEX Support Unit has no political, commercial, institutional or religious affiliation. Its international experts adhere to the CONNEX Code of Conduct and work solely in the interests of the requesting governments.



Since successful negotiation of investment contracts typically requires a range of expertise, the CONNEX Support Unit deploys not only lawyers but also financial sector and industry representatives, business strategy specialists, economists, environmental scientists, community development experts, geologists, mining engineers and professionals from any other discipline needed in the context of specific project negotiations.


Flexible in format

The CONNEX Support Unit complements services offered by other initiatives and cooperates with a range of organizations in order to create synergies and enhance results. It offers short- and long-term advice and negotiation support. Depending on the request, this may include advice before, during and after the negotiations. The scope and timing of the assistance provided can be adjusted as the need for particular skills develops during the negotiation process.


Rapid in response

The CONNEX Support Unit can provide its services at short notice.


With their extensive knowledge and practical experience, the CONNEX Support Unit’s international and local experts are able to provide governments with high-quality assistance. CONNEX experts adhere to a Code of Conduct, which defines the values upheld by the G7 CONNEX Initiative and outlines the principles guiding all advisors, along with their responsibilities. Procedures and guidelines ensure the quality of the services provided. Feedback from governments about how the support has enhanced the contracts’ quality and added value also feeds into future service delivery.